Troubleshooting, Tips and Tricks

When troubleshooting fireplace and chimney problems, always call 911 first if necessary. Then contact AAA Timberline for assistance.

  • Water Leak - Flashing Repair; New Roof might not be necessary; Let AAA Timberline check the area around the chimney, flashing & roofing area around chimney joint first.
  • Chimney Structural Damage – If you’re noticing spalling or missing bricks, gaps or missing mortar or even holes, please contact AAA Timberline for a repair estimate.
  • Chimney Chase Covers & Crowns – Crowns crack and chase covers get wind and storm damaged; please call AAA Timberline for a measurement and repair.
  • Chimney Foundation Failure – If you’re noticing concrete structural damage, spalling bricks and leaning chimneys that are pulling away from your house, please contact AAA Timberline for a repair estimate.
  • Smoke in the house and basement – Be careful not to add new air fuel to any smoldering fire. Call 911 if necessary and then call AAA Timberline for remediation or repairs.
  • Cold Air Draft – You don’t have to suffer a drafty chimney or fireplace; Call AAA Timberline to repair your balance and pressure problem.
  • Fire won’t start – Air being pulled down the chimney into your home? Call AAA Timberline to rebalance and pressurize your home.


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