Chimney Sweeping and Chimney Safety Inspections

Chimney Sweeping and Chimney Safety Inspections

The chimney that vents your homes heating appliances is responsible for venting the poisonous and flammable exhaust gases safely away from your home …but in turn your chimney is often the most neglected part of your home!

The NFPA recommends that for your safety, you have your chimney inspected at least every year.

The majority of chimneys that we service vent water vapor producing appliances such as gas and oil fired furnaces boilers and hot water tanks …and the freeze/thaw of the acidic water vapor is what creates most damage to the masonry chimneys.

Chimney SweepAnd the back up of poisonous exhaust gas into your home is an extreme safety and health hazard as a result of damaged chimneys.

The remainder of chimneys we service are responsible for venting popular wood burning systems…

…and a by product of wood burning is creosote, which is a highly combustible substance and can easily be set ablaze by an errant spark from a cozy wood fire.

As your wood fire burns, substances exit up into the cooler chimney, where condensation occurs, and the creosote residue accumulates and sticks to the inner walls of the chimney. 

Chimney SweepBy using state of the art video inspection equipment, we will allow you to see the exact condition of your chimney’s interior. 

The high temperatures of a creosote fueled chimney fire can cause the inner flue liners and the mortar that holds them together to crack and collapse. 

This allows the 2000 degree temperatures and flames to spread to the combustible framing of your home. 

Reduce the chances of experiencing a chimney fire or having poisonous exhaust gases back up into your home by following the recommendation of the National Fire Protection Association and have your chimneys and fireplaces inspected every year.

With our internal video inspection technology, we’ll let you watch what we’re seeing and talk over with you what our options are.

Non-Intrusive, Non-Invasive – in and out service; usually in under an hour.

Our CSIA certified chimney sweeps will be in an out of your home, leaving it as clean as when we arrived.

Our CSIA certified chimney sweeps are trained not only to do the job, but to leave your house as clean as when we arrived.

We can pre-schedule your annual fireplace and chimney safety inspection date and time a year in advance and we will remind you each year when we’re getting close to your appointment time.

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