Chimney Water Leak Repair

AAA Timberline fixes leaky chimneys.

Whether your chimney, flashing or area around your chimney is leaking, or your chimney has suffererd from ice damage, freeze and thaw damage, is missing mortar or is missing bricks, call the experts at AAA Timberline for prompt, professional chimney repair service.

Roofers don't fix chimney leaks, but AAA Timberline does!


Chimney Repair and Masonry Repair

Chimney Repair, Masonry Repair

Maybe you’ve heard the familiar with the “Post Office Creed?”

… the one that starts out “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night.”

…well, just add in “acidic flue gases and creosote and you’ll know what’s deteriorating your chimney from the inside out.

Moisture seems to never stop pouring in or falling on and will eventually accumulate on the brick ledges and top of the chimney.

NO MATTER WHAT – water will find every nook and cranny it can  …and your poor chimney, unlike the mailman, is constantly exposed to harsh weather.

Chimney Repair and Masonry RepairThe brick, block, mortar and concrete that make up your chimney deteriorate over time allowing moisture to penetrate into the small cracks and holes in the construction. 

Once water gets into these cracks and holes, it freezes, expands and will eventually destroy the chimney.

Western New York gives us four beautiful seasons, but brings them with a tremendous amount of freeze/thaw cycles in the colder months. 

…but you depend on your chimney to be responsible for remove deadly gases from your home every day.

…the fact is, chimneys are typically one of the most taken-for-granted parts of any home.

Chimney Repair and Masonry RepairDeteriorated and cracked mortar joints that have gaps are entry spots for water due and are in need of a repair called “repointing”. 

Our technicians will repoint your chimney by grinding away the loose and crumbling mortar joints and replace them with new waterproof mortar, while at the same time replacing any damaged bricks to prevent water entry.

Sometimes repointing in combination with  rebuilding a chimney is the correct combination to correct a water leak problem. 

Our technicians have the training and experience to recommend the repair that is best in solving your chimney and/or fireplace problem.

Once the water leak is corrected our technicians will recommend that a waterproofing agent be applied to the brick surface to help preserve the repairs for many years to come.  

Rain, snow, ice and sun overtime just beat up your homes brick and mortar.

Chimney chase covers are probably the most inexpensive preventive measure that a homeowner can invest in employ to prevent water penetration and chimney damage. to the chimney.

The innocence of a bird or squirrel building a nest in your chimney can cause poisonous gases to back up into your home.

A high quality stainless steel chimney cap & screen assembly will prevent that from happening.

The chimney is the most overlooked structure appliance in every any home. 

Annual inspections as recommended by the Chimney Safety Institute of America will provide piece of mind and help protect your home from expensive water damage to roofs, attics, ceilings and many other areas prone to water entry. 

AAA Timberline Inc.   “We solve Chimney and Fireplace Problems”

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