Backyard Escapes and Hardscapes

Backyard Escapes and Hardscapes

According to American Express, the average expense in the United States, for a week long summer vacation, is over $4,500 (forty five hundred dollars) for a family of four.

The two-week vacation, once the gold standard of family time, has all but disappeared for modern-day Americans because its becoming too costly and too difficult to find time to get away…

…maybe its time to discover the “Stay-cation”.

We’ve got 4 great seasons for outdoor burning, we encourage you and your family to let us help you enjoy them all.

Backyard Escapes and HardscapesWith help from the experts at AAA Timberline, we can assist you in creating your own backyard “escape”.

We have many Hardscape choices for you; including outdoor Fireplaces, Firepits, Firebowls, Linear Burning Systems, Table tops and Tiki-torches.

You can choose your desired fuel; whether it be wood, Natural Gas or Propane.

As for Maintenance – Let the professionals at AAA Timberline help, we'll maintain it, and both summerize and winterize your Hardscape for you.

Need something custom made? It not a problem, actually, its our pleasure. Our technicians love the challenge of a new order.

…you can select from a variety of stone types and brick and masonry colors. As well as sizes and shapes of the Hardscape you’d like….

Backyard Escapes and Hardscapes…and again – “Its your escape – our attitude is Service – “what can we do for you?”

Whether your entertaining a few dozen or just a few people; an outdoor fireplace or deck pit, can’t help but become the central gathering place of your party.

In Western New York you have 12 months of enjoyment and back yard convenience; for entertaining friend, neighbors and family….or simply peace by yourself.

On the other hand, there’s just something about sitting alone by the warmth and peace of an outdoor fire that helps you unwind and relax.

We all need to ‘get away’, some times, but can live without the planning, the cost and the risk of bad weather, and especially the long lines and the noisy crowds.

…but you can’t beat the ease and convenience of enjoying your own backyard escape, just seconds outside your patio door….with all the amenities of home a short walk away.

Lighting without bugs; soft glow and safe atmostphere…

No long lines, no crowds of strangers. No waiting.

Come when you want, Leave when you want...

Forgot something??? Just go inside, its that easy…

And when your done….there’s no driving, there’s no long walks, …there’s just turning the unit off, and going inside to bed…

…and the best part is…you can do it all again tomorrow.

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